Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Tick tock... another one of me on the way.

Tick tock... another one of me on the way.Jul. 20th, 2005 @ 12:37 pm

Well...the missus and I have another child on the way, due sometime at the end of this year, and although a pregnancy is supposed to last 9 months or so, those 40 weeks sure do pass fast!

So many things to do. A baby room to create from my office, which means finding spots for all of my 'stuff' like filing cabinets, my compi, and about one metric ton of paper. It also means renovations to the room... aah, renovations, the home-owners greatest fear and by far the most time consuming prospect of all!

I've given up on my garden for this year...not enough time to really tend to any plants. My flower gardens are looking raggedy as well, with my miniature white roses taking over and suffocating my red roses. The house, and myself are starting to look our ages. Grey hairs and weeds abound! Wrinkles and cracks in the ceilings all grow with time, and I don't have enough stucko for both.

Don't get me wrong...I AM looking forward to this next child. If s/he is anything like his/her older brother, I'm sure that many of those lines on my face will be mostly laugh-lines and smile-creases :)

Now if I could just stop time for a while, I might jsut get everything done in time. In the meanwhile, I'm trying to convince my wife to extend her pregnancy for another month or two. It's not going well so far.

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