Wednesday, February 17, 2010

    Dont mind me..just fishing for google spiders

    "reality" shows "reality" tv 2007 2008 2009 2009 plans 300 contacts 42 9-11 a cat's health a memorial a/c abomanation ac accent accessibility acquaintances action center action centre adult ed aids air conditioner air miles am radio american election 2008 american idol american idol blather anastasia desousa andrew carter animation anna nicole smith annoying neighbor annoying travel anticipation anticipation 2009 apa apartment apas apolo ohno april fool's day arm artist as in none astro books astrology asus eee asus eee pc atv auction auctions august writing august writing challenge aurora aurora award aurora awards auroras aussiecon australia author avatar babylon 5 backup bahamas bank promotion banner basketball batman begins battery bed in being stranded sucks bettie page bills and statements online birthday birthdays blog blood test bluetooth bob freeman forum bob freeman show bone marrow registry books boondocks boots border crossing bosnian war broadband brome fair browncoats bruising brush sets budget bugs building politics building trip bus pass bus strike bush business card busses crazy cable cable telephone canada canada day canada post stupidity canadian idol canadian pride cancer cards carmen electra cartoons casa greque cat cat health cat stiry catch-up cats cavendish boulevard cctv celebrity cell phone cell phone accessory celtx chair cusion challenges charity checkup cheyenne china china still has problems chris benoit christmas christopher reeve chunks and gravy church of the subgenius city housing city life city living city workers are assholes cjad coal from the city columbia house comic con comicbook comicbook artist comicbooks comicopia comics comicspace comicstrip comments commission community computer computer stuff computers con*cept configuration constance lethbridge contest convention conventions cool links cool sayings cool stuff copies cordless phone cover art covers cowboy hat cthulhu customisation cyndi lauper d&d d20 dalek dana reeve dance dancing database david carradine david eddings david letterman david tennant dawson college daylight saving's time dc comics deadlines death decor change deep thoughts degrassi deniz dennis d. young dennis leary design detectives diagnosis dick clark dick tracy digital camera dining disability disabled life disabled living disaster recollections discordia disney dns doctor doctor who don adams down under fan fund download day downtime draconis dreamwidth driver issues driving dual boot duff dungeons and dragons dvd dvd collection dvds e-book e-mail e-mail address books earth day ebay economic downturn editing efanzines election election 2008 elections electricity elevators emotional emru end winter already! 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phone phone call phone help phone service photo photocopies photos picasso restaurant pidgin pin planning plurk plus account pocketpc podcasting podcasts poison poker politics ponytail poor date poppies. veterans possible fraud postcard power power failure power-chair preparation presidential race printer prisoner projects promotion prop 8 publishing pvr queen quizzes racism rain ramen rbc re-encounters real hero reality shows reality tv recession recital recording red cross reflections rent repairs restaurant results reunion reunion thoughts revelations not ring tones ringtone rip ritalin roaches robert rodriguez roleplaying rollator romanian rosa parks rose bowl rosebud roy scheider royalcon rpg rpg convention rpgs ruminations s: tis sad news santropol scarble scheduling school school reunion preparations science fiction scientology scott mccloud screenplay screenplays screenwriting screw summer heat! script script frenzy scripts scriptwriting security shaving shelly winters shooting tragedy shower shrub idiot sick simply mepis single site templater skype slashdot sleep smallville smile smoke detector smoking ban snow snow cleaning snow day so you think you can dance so you think you can dance canada so you think you can dance? soccer soda pop sometimes life really sucks somewhere in time sound sound configuration sourcefiles space space: the imagination station spam sprimg spring squeaky st-patrick's day stairs stan lee star trek steffi d stm stumble upon styx subway summer heat summer weather sunburn system restore talk like a pirate day tardis tauruses are stubborn tax time taxes teaching tech tech geekery tech-geekery temperature template terror threat text tgio the action centre the belgariad the finality of his life the godfather of soul the office the old stomps not what they used to be the original universe the plateau the sadness of life the weather sucks this year's memories thriller thunderbird tiddlyspot tobacco smells... ugh too much heat toronto toronto trip totoro tracking stuff tramway transition lenses transport transport screw-ups travel traveller trekkies tremendous loss tribute tricia helfer tumplr tutoring tv tv history tweeis tweets tweeys twin towers twinks twitter twitters ubuntu ubuntu linux underwhelmed unity universal life church university usb usb key usernames v-day v-day sucks vacation valentines day variety show vcr vet vet visit via rail victoria day video videotron virtual desktops visitation volunteering vote voting wake-ups walking walter cronkite warm weather weather from hell web annoyance web game web-work webcam webcomic webhead website weight weird al yankovic wetpaint wheelchair which? who wants to be a super hero widgets wiki wikipedia wildcards will wind windows winnipeg winter winter adventures winter olympics wish list wolverwood wordpress wordtrip work world world aids day world cup world events world trade center worldcon wrestling writer's block writers writing wwe xp ya year review young adult stuff youtube zine ziners zines zinewiki zombies

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