Tuesday, April 22, 2014

eCigs and the quitting game: Week 7

Well… it’s been 7 weeks now if my math is right and I still havn’t touched a cigarette. Not too bad at all.
I have reduced the nicotine/dose to the equivalent of 1/4pack a day…which isn’t too shabby at all.

 I have noticed something over the past few weeks which I find both annoying and disturbing. People have started telling me that they heard from someone, who heard from someone else that eCigs are cancer-causing agents in and of themselves and should be avoided.

 First of all… if you have proof of this cancer stuff…send it to me, or print it and give it to me… anything else is heresay.
Second of all…if it is heresay and unproven, I wonder who might want to spread such news – who might profit from removing eCigs from the market…hmmm… could it be … Big Tobacco!?
 Nah… that couldn’t be it, could it?

In either case, 7 weeks without a cigarette is nothing to sneeze at..or cough at for that matter.
At this rate, I’ll be putting the eCig down this summer. With 3 months on the eCig vs. 17years with real cigs (and native ones). I don’t think that I’ve got much in the way of cancer to worry about related to using vapes.

Don’t like it… put up a link or shut up.

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